Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1909

Autumn is around the corner and Citrix has blessed our cold season with a new release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Below is a selection of changes implemented in release 1909:

  • Director & Studio
  • Scout
    • Health check is now available to be run on Licensing servers and StoreFront servers
    • Configuration checks now run on Controllers
  • Virtual Delivery Agent
    • Support for AMD hardware encoding
      Note: Only Desktop OS
      Note: Lossless text is not compatible together with AMD hardware encoding and will take precedence over hardware encoding if enabled
      Note: AMD GPU(s) must support RapidFire SDK
    • Enhanced session reliability logging capability
      Improved logging has been added
    • Bidirectional content redirection
      You can now link groups of URLs to different specified apps instead of only one
      Note: Requires Workspace App 1909
    • Cleanup of App-V Packages during installing/upgrading
      Registry key added to disable the automatic cleanup and is enabled by default
    • Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent 1909 can only be installed on Windows 10 x64 systems
  • Licensing
    • Citrix Licensing 11.16.3 is now running on Apache version 2.4.39
    • Citrix Licensing 11.16.3 fixed issues

A full list of changes can be found here and if you have any questions regarding Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, feel free to email me at or comment down below.

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