How to remove desktop icon when installing DWG TrueView 2021

I recently had a case against one of our customers asking to update their application DWG TrueView to latest version 2021.

One criteria was to remove the desktop icon, and we noticed quickly that all parameters that we found from earlier versions didn’t work with this version.

I first tried to remove the desktop icon with a PowerShell script, but later found out that the desktop icon is created once again when you start the application for the first time.

To solve this I skipped all installation parameters and just removed the Component in the MSI-file that creates the desktop icon.



  1. Download the MSI-Editor ORCA
  2. Open the following file from your installation package into ORCA: dwgviewr.msi
    1. The file is located in the following path: \x64\dwgviewr\dwgviewr.msi
  3. In the left pane of ORCA, look for the Table that says Shortcut
  4. In the right pane of ORCA you should now see a Component that says DesktopShortcut, right click on it and press Drop row
  5. All you need to do now is to save your MSI-file and replace the old one.
    1. Press File in the upper left corner and Save as…


If you have any issues following the above steps you are welcome to contact me or any of my colleagues.

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