If you have LACP configured between your Arista-switches (or any other switches) and a Nutanix Cluster, you will run into an issue when using Nutanix Life Cycle Management (LCM).

LCM updates for BIOS, BMC and SATA DOM are currently not supported for Nutanix Clusters that use protocols such as LACP.

If you try to do a full update with LACP active, you will end up with your first node not coming back online and being stuck in maintenance-mode.

The reason behind a node becoming stuck, is because in some of the updates, the nodes boots into the Phoenix ISO and Phoenix does not support LACP at this time.

A work-around is to enable LACP-fallback on your switches. Below is an example with Arista and how quick it is to configure it:

You will need to configure LACP-fallback on all port-channels that are connected to your nodes.

When the upgrade is complete, and the node have booted up, LACP PDUs will be sent out.
LACP will automatically be activated on the port-channel again.

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