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Citrix ADC and ADM automation using Ansible

I’ve been working with Ansible more and more and been learning a lot. It’s so much fun but I also think it can help others out there with their projects. I’ve published a few blog posts regarding a few different parts of how I automate Citrix ADC (NetScaler) and Citrix ADM (NetScaler MAS), and will be holding a presentation about it at Citrix User Group Norway (CUGTech Autumn 2018) – I hope to see you there!

The blog posts I’ve published regarding this (so far) are:

I’ve learnt so much creating these playbooks and will continue to work on and perfect them. Most likely will be undergoing continuous improvement from now on! It will be great to talk about all of this next week, something I’m really looking forward to!

I hope to see at least a few of you out there test these playbooks and maybe even contribute to them or collaborate with me making them even better.

Configure Stylebook configpacks using Ansible and Citrix ADM

I’ve created an Ansible playbook to deploy configpacks to Citrix ADC (previously Citrix NetScaler) using Ansible and Citrix ADM (previously Citrix NetScaler MAS). You add the configuration to the parameters and the playbook will add configpacks using the settings you’ve defined.

Still a lot to do with this one, for example updating the configpack when the parameters has changed in the playbook.

The playbook has been published to Azure DevOps and can be found here. The readme contains the latest information.

The playbook configures the following (as of this blog post):

  • Identifies the current primary/active Citrix ADC (NetScaler)
  • Locates the active nodes instanceId
  • Identifies all Stylebooks on Citrix ADM
  • Identifies what Stylebooks will be used
  • Creates configpack if it isn’t already created
  • Verifies that the configpack is deployed without any failures

Feel free to try it out and all feedback is welcome!