(tech preview) Using multiple IPs on one NIC with NetScaler in Azure

Microsoft has released a tech preview to support multiple IPs on the same NIC in Azure. I’ve tried it with NetScaler and seems to be working like expected!

More info about it can be found here: Assign multiple IP addresses to virtual machines using PowerShell

As always, logon and select your subscription using PowerShell:

FYI: This may take a few minutes. Even after registring the features (and seeing them being registered), I received the following error message when trying to assign multiple IP configurations to one NIC: Subscription <ID> is not registered for feature Microsoft.Network/AllowMultipleIpConfigurationsPerNic required to carry out the requested operation.

It started working for me after running Register-AzureRmResourceProvider, but maybe I just didn’t wait long enough.

Verify that they have the state ”Registered”:

You can now go to the portal and assign new IP configurations, or do it from PowerShell. See below for how I added new IPs to an already existing NetScaler:

Now, just add a SNIP and then start working with your VIP or VIPs in NetScaler. Remember, this is still a Tech preview and shouldn’t be used in production – you may not get support from Microsoft or Citrix if something stops working.

Disclaimer: All information on this blog is offered "as is" with no warranty. It is strongly recommended that you verify all information and validate all scripts in isolated test environments before using them in production environments.